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As a bloodthirsty horde bent on conquest hammers at the dry-rotted gates of Christendom, the orphan Isa is chosen as the guardian of humanity’s most precious secrets and sent on an impossible quest.

It’s 1241, and it’s a dark and pestilent time. Christianity is gasping for breath as the Pope fights with the Holy Roman Empire, the Kingdom of Jerusalem crumbles, and heresy is rife in the lands. During this period of weakness, evil amasses the world’s most fearsome army on Hungary’s border. Their goal? To spread their vast empire to the Atlantic. In this long shadow stands the young guardian and his satchel of mysterious texts. Will Isa be the Christian world’s salvation, or is his destiny to shake its very foundations?

The Slaying of the Bull is rich with real people, places, and events. Although the story is fiction, the world it sprouts from was all too real and undoubtedly terrifying. Step back to a time when faith was close, the stakes high, and existence a perilous struggle.

The Slaying of the Bull is book 1 of the upcoming Tocharian Gospels Series. This collection will follow the miraculous Isa as he carves his path through history on a quest to tear humanity from the grip of darkness and bring us back to the light.

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Deep in the woods, there sits a lone cabin on a crystalline lake. The dwelling is not necessarily unknown, but the locals avoid it for a good reason. The Island of Stone has a history, and since that time, the branches are a little too clawing, the wind whispers, and the shadows stir beneath the pines.

This place now belongs to Trevor Benton. Left to him in his wife’s will, it’s a complete mystery. In life, Valarie shared everything with him, yet this island remained a secret. Why? Just before Trevor can discover the answer, the pull of his business empire distracts him. Now, after six years of being engrossed in a booming cut-throat world of greed, Trevor yearns for an escape. The Island of Stone seems a perfect respite. He can step away from the bustle to clear his head and finally get answers to the island’s puzzle.

But although the Island of Stone is a land of untouched beauty, Trevor will soon find that it is not a place to relax. As the sun dips low and the shadows devour the land, dark and ancient secrets blow through the trees, secrets that will change Trevor more than he can imagine.

Available on Amazon.

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