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WIP and other updates

I love offering new content here, but this week has been crazy. As many of you know, I work in Higher Education, and technically, our semester started on Tuesday. We are also going full-back this semester after a year and a half remote. So, just a crazy time. MIT did over 12,000 COVID tests on Tuesday alone, so you can imagine the lines. Thus, my time is short, but I did want to provide something and thought I would give a quick update on my current and past projects.

After a six-month battle with Amazon, I finally have a “look inside” feature for the Slaying of the Bull that is accurate to the book’s content. I don’t know if others have struggled with this, but their preview feature showed an outdated version (more than a year old at the time), and they couldn’t seem to fix it. In early March, I raised it as an issue (who knows how long it was a problem), and they told me they were working on it and would fix it soon. I followed up a dozen times with much the same response. I eventually said to them that I would rather have the feature deactivated than showing the wrong version. They agreed, and thus, Amazon turned off the feature for several months- not particularly conducive for a successful book, I might add. I wrote a long email expressing my frustration, and finally, they came back and said they fixed it (this was last week, fingers crossed).

When I first published the novel, it included a prologue set up for future books. People seemed to hate it, so of course, I got rid of it. So the first chapter showing up as a preview was no longer in the book people would receive. There were formatting issues, and I had also added pictures of my design to the beginning of each chapter. Thus, this was quite the issue for me. But this instance aside, it made me began to worry. If they had this major issue that took six months to fix, how many problems are going on that we don’t know about? I hate to be paranoid, but how could I not be? I sure hope sales figures are accurate and that customers are getting the products we intend to sell- I’m just going to throw that out there. Unfortunately, the Slaying of the Bull hasn’t been a success. Bad luck has plagued it from the beginning- which sucks, but you have to keep moving forward. It is currently free, by the way, until September 14, 2021 (the Island of Stone is too). If you grab copies and love them, please leave a review- they help. If you hate them, I would love to hear that too, but of course prefer hearing that here šŸ™‚

My current work in progress, Son of the Morning, the sequel to the Dawn of the Lightbearer, is currently at 74,375 words. I project this to be around the midpoint of the story I want to tell in the book. It is not moving along as quickly as Dawn of the Lightbearer, but as a sequel, I expected that. It is still moving at a good clip, and I am writing just over 1,000 words a day, every day. It is a darker book than the Dawn and more complex. The narrative, although relatively linear, has multiple tracks. It will be a great book, may be better than the Dawn, which is hopeful for the series. I expect the whole story to encompass six books corresponding to different stages in Erikson Gray’s (main character) journey/ life. I am enamored with the world, and it is a joy to interact with each day. And, as I don’t have a rigid plan other than several prominent events, I never know what will appear on the page. It is the best type of writing.

Well, that’s it for me. My goal is to hit 80,000 by Monday, so I need to get to work. I hope things are going well with you all. Please feel free to let me know what you’re working on below, if you’ve had similar difficulties with Amazon, or anything else that this post brings up. I’m always fascinated by others’ journeys.


Published by scottatirrell

Scott Austin Tirrell is a lover of the arcane who would choose a good crypt over a coffee shop. He finds solace in history and tales of yore sprinkled with a smidgen of nature's fury, long travel, and the thrill of the paranormal. His stories place ordinary and often flawed individuals in extraordinary situations that stretch beyond this physical plane. The human spirit's strength to reach greatness against incredible odds fascinates him, and thus, he is often a bit cruel with his protagonist. Certificates of study in psychology, history, and international relations gather dust on his wall, but he has found life to be the best stimuli for a good yarn. Scott has published three works currently available- the Island of Stone, a paranormal thriller, the Slaying of the Bull, a historical fiction set in 1241, and his epic dark fantasy, Absolution of the Morning Star. He lives with his wife in the Boston area, a place dripping with inspiration for someone who loves tales from the past and a good ghost story.

4 thoughts on “WIP and other updates

  1. My worst and last experience with Amazon, and why I stopped self-publishing, was with my second Kindle book which was an anthology of my short stories, nearly all of which had an O. Henry style surprise ending. When I saw the preview they gave, well it was literally the beginning and ending of almost every single story! All they excluded was the middle of each of the stories. I couldn’t believe it. And I couldn’t think how an algorithm could be that precise… or maybe it was just coincidence, just an extraordinary bit of bad luck, but it almost seemed like someone at Amazon read the book and then for whatever reason decided it would be a good idea to just go ahead and spoil every single story in it… because who needs surprise endings, right?

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