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Absolution of the Morning Star Series

The ancient wisdom of the Forest People says that humanity’s mages of yore were arrogant. At war with the Nephilim and searching for a means to upset the balance of power, they schemed an assault on heaven itself. Their plan- to capture one of God’s chosen, hold it for ransom, and use its incredible power to vanquish the Nephilim from their land. It was a plot that tempted heaven’s wrath and a good smiting, to be sure, but against all odds, the mages were successful and ushered forth the dawn of a human age.

But now, the light of the cocksure mages has long since dimmed, and cracks form in the prison walls. The race that committed this folly knows not the trespass of their ancestors yet will face punishment all the same. A choice is upon the altar. Will humanity set their prisoner free and thus face judgment and possible doom, or will they rebuild the walls, throw away the door’s key, and again bask in the stolen power?

The fate of humanity lies with young Erikson Gray and his allies. The time for greatness or peril has come. In the dark periphery, the Nephilim wake again, sensing that a moment of transition is upon the land. Will young Erik and his allies pass these tests and bring the dawn of a second human age, or is it time for the ancient order hybrids to reascend their throne? Find out.

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