Absolution of the Morning Star Series

Book 1: Dawn of the Lightbearer

In now available in ebook here and paperback here!

Check out the book trailer here!

The ancient wisdom of the Forest People says that humanity’s mages of yore were arrogant. At war with the Nephilim and searching for a means to upset the balance of power, they schemed an assault on heaven itself. Their plan- to capture one of God’s chosen, hold it for ransom, and vanquish the powerful Nephilim from their land. It was a plot that tempted wrath and a good smiting, to be sure, but against all odds, they were successful and ushered forth the dawn of a human age.

But now, the light of the cocksure mages has long since dimmed, and cracks form in the prison walls. The race that committed this folly knows not the trespass of their ancestors yet will face punishment all the same. A choice is upon the altar. Will humanity set their prisoner free and thus face judgment and possible doom, or will they rebuild the walls, throw away the door’s key, and again bask in the stolen power?

The fate of humanity lies with young Erikson Gray and his allies. The time for greatness or peril has come. In the dark periphery, the Nephilim wake again, sensing that a moment of transition is upon the land. Will young Erik and his allies pass these tests and bring the dawn of a second human age, or is it time for the ancient order of Nephilim to again ascend their throne? Find out. Dawn of the Lightbearer, book 1 of the Absolution of the Morning Star series, is coming soon!


2/3/21 – Writing begins for Dawn of the Lightbearer

3/20/21 – Reached 100k word mark

4/4/21 – First draft complete!

4/5/21 – Cover created

4/16/21 – First full read-through complete

4/17/21 – Editing process begins.

5/1/21 – Teasers out, 1st draft synopsis complete

5/3/21 – Major chapter rewrite

5/5/21 – Second read-through complete. Third read-through begun

5/13/21 – Still editing 🙂 First chapter available if you click the book cover above

5/21/21 – Editing continues. Just when confidence builds, I find something that douses that flame. Keep telling myself it will happen 🙂

5/22/21 – Available soon for pre-order. Release scheduled for July 2nd. Just in time for Fourth of July weekend!

5/23/21 – Third read-through complete. Edit for content done- holes plugged and this part of the story complete. Edit for grammar and remaining typos begins… ugh. Deadline will keep me moving.

5/30/21 – Did another read through and started close edit on Friday. Up to chapter 10 of 34. Once close edit done, will do a final read-through and then start formatting for layout.

6/1/21 – After very productive weekend, completed first close edit pass.

6/2/21 – Second close pass begun. Book is polishing up nicely. Finding less and less fixes. Thinking of producing a family tree, timeline, and map, but will get the content done first and do that if I have time.

6/5/21 – Updated sample chapter with a more edited version. Here. Enjoy!

6/8/21 – Second close edit pass complete. Need to do a few housekeeping things and then will start to format for publication! Will then do a pass or two for good measure depending on time, but still have a little under a month before the deadline.

6/10/21 – Going through and cutting as many adverbs as I can. Tedious, but tightens prose. Stupid adverbs 😦

6/12/21 – Mission against adverbs complete. Time for the final read-through and then it will be time for formatting publication!

6/16/21 – On chapter 23 of 34 of final read through. Worked on some ads. Should be able to start formatting for publication this weekend. End in sight!

6/19/21 – Finished final read through and started formatting for Kindle. As I have some time before the deadline, I may do one more spot check.

6/24/21 – Final read through and formatting for Kindle complete!

6/25/21 – Finished back mater for book- timeline, map, diagram of the Galleass Lion (important part of the story), thank you and other material. Book is now finished, uploaded and waiting for July 2nd!

6/25/21 – Official start of chapter 1 in book 2, titled Son of the Mourning!

7/2/21 – Dawn of the Lightbearer is now available on Amazon!

Book 2: Son of the Mourning- In process!


6/25- Started writing book 2

7/19- Reached the 10,000 words mark!

7/21- Updated book cover above and included tentative titles for the whole series as I envision it at the moment. 11,581 words.

7/27- Writing away. Took some time to get back in the grove, but starting to move. 17,881 words

7/29- Passed the 20,000 word mark. On chapter nine and running strong.

8/2- 26,398 words. Lucardia is turning into a dark place- plots abound!

8/15- 42,034 words. Well into the meaty part of the book. Moving along well. Created book trailer for Dawn of the Lightbearer.

8/22- 50,254 words. Broke the 50k word mark! Probably a little less than half way. Aiming for about 140k.

8/29- 60,000!

9/11- 76,482

9/25- 90,000!

10/2- 96,858, day job has been hell, but still writing.

10/7- Been a rough couple of days, but still moving forward. 98,602. Here’s to 100K by this weekend!

10/8- Passed 100,000 mark!

11/10- Been a while, and daily WC low, but still trucking along. 108,848. Going through a detour.

11/19- After a difficult month or so, we are rolling again! Getting close to the end of book 2. Hopefully about a month more of writing and then editing- 112,049

Book 3: Noonday in the North- coming soon!

Book 4: Destiny of the Daystar- coming soon!

Book 5: Dusk of the Demon- coming soon!

Book 6: King of the Night- coming soon!

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