Sample: Noonday in the North

For this week’s post, I thought I’d offer a glimpse of what I’ve been working on these past few months. Below is a very preliminary draft of Noonday in the North‘s first chapter. This is book three in my Absolution of the Morning Star series (book 1: Dawn of the Lightbearer, book 2: The MourningContinue reading “Sample: Noonday in the North”

Noonday in the North Updates…and giants!

Noonday in the North, book three of my Absolution of the Morning Star series, is moving along nicely. Currently, I am at 44,890 words, so probably about a third of the way through the writing. Not bad for about two and a half months of work. The saga continues as Erik makes his way fromContinue reading “Noonday in the North Updates…and giants!”

My life in China, Part 33- My in-laws’ US adventure 2

When we last left off (read part 1 here), my wife and I were in the international arrival area of JFK airport, eagerly awaiting the arrival of my in-laws on their first trip outside of China. At this point, it was an hour after their plane arrived, and still no parents. As I mentioned, theyContinue reading “My life in China, Part 33- My in-laws’ US adventure 2”

My life in China, Part 32- My In-laws’ US adventure

As promised, it is time for the telling of my in-laws’ first great adventure to the United States! It’s a long tale played out over months, so I’ve decided to break it up into a mini-series. My in-laws have now been to the US three times and were supposed to come last summer, but COVIDContinue reading “My life in China, Part 32- My In-laws’ US adventure”

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