Where did the Island of Stone come from?*

*This is a re-post from April 9, 2020. It was my seventh blog post ever. As I had virtually no audience then (like 3 people), I thought it would be interesting to re-post it now more than a year later. As I am completely overwhelmed with my day-job at the moment and want to devoteContinue reading “Where did the Island of Stone come from?*”

The love of a good challenge

My wife recently asked me what I think is the most challenging part of writing? That’s a tough one. Let me premise that I love the craft and interact with it every single day. There is nothing I’d rather do instead. I have many hobbies, but only in writing have I found such a passionateContinue reading “The love of a good challenge”

How to push forward?

I am currently writing at least 1,000 words a day, every day (which is about the length of this blog for reference). It is not a huge amount, but there are no days off. Holidays, weekends, hurricanes, miserable hot and humid weather, anniversaries, vacation, whatever it may be. Trust me- I don’t always have theContinue reading “How to push forward?”

Are you the star of your show?

Is this your blockbuster or someone else’s? That tasty nugget of thought popped into my mind yesterday as I was sitting here looking out the window between Zoom meetings. I suppose it is part of an ongoing existential crisis I’ve been experiencing, grown from these strange times. I’ve found myself pondering whether my reason forContinue reading “Are you the star of your show?”

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