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Are you a Frustrated Writer?

Interruptions, writer’s block, dead-end ideas, low (or nonexistent) sales, bad reviews, lousy vendor customer service, keyword boxes, watching others skyrocket to success while you’re stuck in the mud, the list is endless. You’ve spent hours of your life pouring your heart on the page only to find that no one seems to care. Roadblock afterContinue reading “Are you a Frustrated Writer?”

My Life in China, Part 19- Once and future travels

Over the years, I’ve had the great opportunity to travel over large swaths of China. More importantly, I often traveled like a local and experienced things I would have missed if I traveled just as a tourist. Crazy crowds, tasty and exotic food, quiet and remote villages, less than par hotels, uncomfortable seats, harrowing rides,Continue reading “My Life in China, Part 19- Once and future travels”


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