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Drafting chapters

For this post, I thought I would take a moment and discuss some of my process for drafting a chapter. Each segment of a story is its own adventure, but there are some typical steps that almost always appear on my journey. As of this post, I’m actually not finished writing the portion of theContinue reading “Drafting chapters”

Dog days

Well, I’m writing about a blizzard when it’s 90 outside (32 degrees Celsius, and it is only 9 am). My main characters are working through a northern boreal forest called the Devilwood on their way to the Northland city of Thornehold, the seat of Erikson Gray’s maternal grandfather. It is an exercise in juxtaposition. WhenContinue reading “Dog days”

The journey

It’s hard to imagine a world without speedy lines of communication or easy means of travel, and this poses particular issues when trying to write medieval fantasy. The Lucardian Empire, the setting for my Absolution of the Morning Star series (map above), is roughly 2,500 miles across at its furthest points, which is approximately theContinue reading “The journey”

Sinking of the Bull?

I like to think I’m a fighter, but sometimes, you must accept failure. I wouldn’t necessarily say any of my books are a “success,” but some are doing reasonably ok. They’re selling here and there, people seem to like them, and I’m seeing growth. That is all you can ask for as an Indie author,Continue reading “Sinking of the Bull?”


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