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Rest and refuel

I just got back from a much-needed vacation. My wife and I were planning to go to Greece, but over COVID my passport had expired without me noticing, and it took about two months to renew- not conducive to booking a flight during this crazy time. So, undeterred, we rented a car and stayed inContinue reading “Rest and refuel”

Raising word children

I’ve been playing this indie-author game for just over two years now. Apparently, that is still quite the newbie in this world, but I have learned a lot and thought it would be a good time to share some of my key takeaways.  When I decided to self-publish the Island of Stone, I began fromContinue reading “Raising word children”

Dump to Dialogue

We all hope that we grow as writers. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it’s imperative for enjoyment in the craft. I’ve become a firm believer that stagnation leads to rot, but thankfully, there can never be an endpoint because there can never be perfection in writing. Sure, some haveContinue reading “Dump to Dialogue”

The life

I’m a terrible blogger, I know. My last post was almost a month ago! Gosh, time flies. Don’t worry. I’m still writing. I’m at 52,314 words for Noonday in the North, book 3 in the Absolution of the Morningstar series. I also worked some on Desert of Stone, book 2 in my Monuments of StoneContinue reading “The life”

Zombie no more

Why am I compelled to write? What is this incessant drive that pushes me to spend hours each day crafting a story? Why do I put myself through the stress, loneliness, and frustration? I honestly don’t know. But the question of why I can’t sit and binge-watch Netflicks like everyone else? Ah, now there’s anContinue reading “Zombie no more”


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