For a limited time, Island of Stone just $0.99!

In celebration of the July 4th holiday and the Island of Stone‘s new cover, starting at 11 am EST on July 4th, the e-book version of my first published work will be just $0.99 until July 7th! That’s a savings of 67%! After that, it will go up to $1.99 until July 11th and thenContinue reading “For a limited time, Island of Stone just $0.99!”

The adventures of Stone continue

As I mentioned in prior posts here and here, I’ve started to work on Desert of Stone, Book 2 of the Monuments of Stone series, and the sequel to the Island of Stone. As with most books, its writing is starting a bit slow as I get a feel for the characters and gather hintsContinue reading “The adventures of Stone continue”

Island of Stone new cover!

The Island of Stone has a new look! After much deliberation, I decided to change the cover of my first published book. The original cover will always have a place in my heart and looks great in person, but it just didn’t show well online. I created the design several years ago before the notionContinue reading “Island of Stone new cover!”

The Monuments of Stone arise!

It’s official. Fans of the Island of Stone rejoice! I started writing the Desert of Stone, Book 2 of the Monuments of Stone series last night! I only put down several pages, but just beginning a new book opens the door to the muse. The juices are flowing, and I’ll be well on my wayContinue reading “The Monuments of Stone arise!”

Marketing Campaign #1

Brace yourselves for a rant. It’s been building since my last post. I’m at the end of my first marketing campaign. Amazon posted 10,433 ads for the Island of Stone using my carefully collected keywords and fine-tuning. That is a tremendous amount of advertisement for one week, and it is undoubtedly getting the Island ofContinue reading “Marketing Campaign #1”

Marketing Island of Stone

Things are still moving along with the Slaying of the Bull (book 1 of the Tocharian Gospels Series). I am on page 545 of 584 of my final read-through- almost there! I will then do a final pass through spell-checker and Grammarly (very helpful tool) just to make sure I didn’t miss anything too obvious,Continue reading “Marketing Island of Stone”

Paperback finally in hand

After more than a month of (impatiently) waiting, the author’s copies of the Island of Stone finally arrived! When you e-publish on Amazon, you can purchase (yes, they are not free) copies of the paperback version at cost ($4.99 rather than the full price of $11.99)- who knows, they may still turn a profit. IContinue reading “Paperback finally in hand”

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