Rotten apples make the sweetest cider

It’s heartbreaking to receive a bad review, but it’s even worse when you realize they’re right. Pride in my work makes this post hard to put down, but as artists, we must accept criticism and squeeze what we can from it to improve our work. In other words, rotten apples make the sweetest cider (sorry,Continue reading “Rotten apples make the sweetest cider”

Noonday in the North’s first draft complete!

Has it really been almost a month since my last post? Gosh, it didn’t feel like it to me. With the new job and trying to finish a book, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to post as much, but a month? Well, let me give you an update. The job is going well.Continue reading “Noonday in the North’s first draft complete!”

Noonday in the North update

Time for another quick writing update. The first draft of Noonday in the North, book three of the Absolution of the Morning Star series, is getting very close to being finished. I’m currently at 130,310 words and have about three to four chapters left to write. I hope to finish this part of the storyContinue reading “Noonday in the North update”

The journey

It’s hard to imagine a world without speedy lines of communication or easy means of travel, and this poses particular issues when trying to write medieval fantasy. The Lucardian Empire, the setting for my Absolution of the Morning Star series (map above), is roughly 2,500 miles across at its furthest points, which is approximately theContinue reading “The journey”

Happy 1st birthday Dawn of the Lightbearer!

I just realized today is the first anniversary of the publication of Dawn of the Lightbearer, book one of the Absolution of the Morning Star series (July 2, 2021)! I wasn’t planning on writing a blog post, but I couldn’t let this momentous occasion pass without saying something. To date, it is my best-selling bookContinue reading “Happy 1st birthday Dawn of the Lightbearer!”

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