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Monuments of Stone Series

Island of Stone

Book 1 of the Monuments of Stone Series

Deep in the woods of Maine, there sits a small cabin on an unnamed lake. The place is not necessarily unknown, but the locals avoid it with good reason. The Island of Stone has a history, and since that time, the branches are a little too clawing, the wind whispers, and the shadows stir beneath the pines.

This island now belongs to Trevor Benton, a lost soul trapped in a cut-throat world of greed and avarice. Six years ago, he chose between love and power. Now, his wife is dead, and although his business is booming, he finds that his dreams have become nightmares. The pressure builds, and he yearns for an escape! The Island of Stone seems a perfect respite. Left to him in his wife’s will, it’s a complete mystery. Valarie Stone never spoke of the place when she was alive, and now that she’s gone, its puzzle beckons Trevor. He finally submits to its call.

But although the Island of Stone is a land of untouched beauty, Trevor will soon find that it is not a place to relax. As the sun dips low and the shadows devour the land, dark and ancient secrets blow through the trees, secrets that will change Trevor more than he can imagine.

Deserts of Stone

Book 2 of the Monuments of Stone Series

More details coming soon!

Its been fifteen years since the events on the Island of Stone, and Alice is now an adult trying to find her place in the world. Her only connection to her past, aunt Lisa, has just passed away, leaving Alice with nothing but questions. And then, there are the dreams. In the deserts surrounding her home, something beckons her, a dark tree that speaks to her in riddles. Will answering its call expose her past, or will it determine her future instead?

Tree of Stone

Book 3 of the Monuments of Stone Series

More details coming soon!

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