Noonday in the North- Thorns of Ice

Coming soon!

The saga continues as Erik makes his way from the ruins of the underground city of Dis and ventures north to the Devilwood forests and the former Princedom of his father. The mysterious Followers of Eosphorus have stepped from their shadows, Artemus, Moonsail, and Ishton make a new friend, and real magic reappears in the lands of Lucardia.

Sample chapter!

Writing Log:

2/18- After a month off to promote The Mourning Son and plan, I’ve started to write Noonday in the North!

2/21- 3,584 words. First chapter developing nicely.

3/1- 13,350. Wrote 10k in a week, so moving along. Chapter 3 is almost done.

3/18- 26,064. My day job has been a bear, and it is tiring wrestling with a bear, but still doing my best to write.

3/26- 29,323. Discovered the “theory of magic” in the Lucardian world. Exciting.

4/17- 44,890. Lost in the world of the giants ๐Ÿ˜‰

5/5- 52,314. Trucking along. About a 3rd of the way through the story. Am I on schedule? No, but I’m trying to get words on the page daily. A bit of sickness and stress at work got in the way, but I’m still moving.

5/25- 66,016. Still moving. Been a while since I reached my typical 1,000, but I still write every day. Today wrote 1,142. Feels good to reach the goal!

5/29- 68,944. On a roll!

6/11- 78,589

6/28- 87,206. Still have a lot to write, but the hazy finish line is in the distance!

7/7- 95,609. 100k is so close I can taste it!

7/12- 100k words!

7/19- 106,626

7/30- 113,114

8/6- 120,465

8/18- 130,310- 3-4 chapters left and then done with the story!

9/2- 138,830- So very close. Should come in around 140k.

9/14- 144,089- The first draft is done! I estimated I would finish on 9/16 at 150,000, so I am two days ahead of schedule and under budget ๐Ÿ™‚

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