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Tocharian Gospels Series

By clicking on the covers below you will be brought to some sample chapters from my upcoming book series, the Tocharian Gospels (more about this series can be found here). These are just samples and they may change a bit before final editing and publishing, but I wanted to provide you with a taste of what’s to come! Samples for Island of Stone can be found on Amazon.

The Gates of Heaven are closed, and the key to opening them lies in a collection of texts as old as history itself. Chosen as the guardian of these books, Isa Malik has struggled almost 800 years against an ancient evil called the Radix Obscurum. The Tocharian Gospels Series follows Isa’s miraculous path of aligning humanity’s beams of light to finally vanquish the dark and shepherd humankind back to God’s side in the kingdom of heaven.

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Book 1:

The Slaying of the Bull

The mysterious Isa Malik has a miraculous tale to tell. It’s the 13th century, and Christianity is gasping for breath. Pope Gregory IX fights a struggle against the Holy Roman Empire, the Kingdom of Jerusalem crumbles, and heresy is rife in the lands. During this time of weakness, a dark Horde amasses the most fearsome army the world has ever seen on the Kingdom of Hungary’s border threatening all of Europe. All that stands in the way of western civilization’s destruction is a lone guardian, the young orphan, Isa, and his satchel of mysterious texts. Will the books provide salvation for the Christian world, or will they shake its very foundations?

Coming soon

Book 4:

A Land In-Between

Philip awakes upon a lonely altar in a desert without end. The gates of heaven are closed and he joins the masses as they huddle within a city behind cracking walls. The armies of hell grow upon the doorstep, pulling more and more into eternal ruin. Has Isa chosen wisely and will Philip prove to be this world’s savior, or will the light finally lose its great struggle with the dark?

Coming soon

Book 2:

The Power of the Heliodromus

Isa’s journey continues as he searches for the last piece of the puzzle. It’s been 15 years since the Radix Obscurum knocked on the gates of Christendom and the Mongol Horde continues to plague the world. But is this huge army the real threat, or are they just a tool of the Radix Obscurum? What else could lurk in the shadows? Follow Isa, Lwica, and Brother Humbert as they discover the true test set before them.

Coming soon

Book 3:

The Great Lucado

Philip Lucado, a retired magician and skeptic, has devoted his life to combating those claiming supernatural powers or paranormal experiences. Offering a sizable prize for proof of the otherworldly, Philip finds himself at the end of his life with no one accepting his challenge. That is about to change when he meets the mysterious, Isa Malik. Is Isa a fraud, or has the Great Lucado’s beliefs finally met their match.

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