Slaying of the Bull

Sample chapters for the Slaying of the Bull can be found here. Below are some visual aids for those interested in the book’s history. Remember, the history is real!

St. James Church in Sandomierz, Poland. Scene of 48 martyrs:

Verecke Pass:


Sample of a Mithraeum (Temple of Mithras), much like where Isa finds himself:

Chartres Cathedral today (not much as changed since 1241):

The Mosaics in the crypt of San Savino:

Choir Mosaic
Recently refurbished crypt mosaic.
Damaged crypt mosaic before recent refurbish. Note missing tiles in bottom center roundrel.

Ruins of the Church on the Isle of Hares, Budapest (now called Margaret Island):

Inside Saint Mark’s Cathedral, Venice:

The real Joyeuse:

Pest and Buda (about 100 years after events in book. Note the addition of fortifications and a bridge):

Épinglé sur places

Hungarian royal crown (notice bent cross):

Holy Crown of Hungary - Wikipedia

Battle of Sajo Bridge:

Battle of Mohi - Wikipedia

Monument for the battle of Mohi:

Notes on the Mongol Invasion of Hungary

Battle of Mohi troop movements:

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