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As mentioned in prior posts, I am diligently working on Book 1 of my Tocharian Gospels series, the Slaying of the Bull. The four-book series is going to be quite the endeavor comprised of roughly 1,500 pages of text and covering 780 years. The saga will transcend into other planes of existence and will cross genres. Generally, it should be a good read.

It is an ambitious project, and I’ll need your help! The Island of Stone was my first self-published eBook, and I’m learning a lot. When publishing an eBook, you are not just the writer but also the publisher, and you have to focus on things other than just the art. I’ve been studying, and I’ve made some mistakes putting Island of Stone out there. I was excited and probably rushed its launch. With the Tocharian Gospel Saga being such a significant endeavor comprised of multiple books, I want to make sure I do everything right this next round.

One of the critical aspects of “doing things right” is pulling together a Launch Squad. It sounds like some sort of superhero group, and in many ways it is. Members of the Squad will have first access to my new books before they’re launched (entirely for free). Their task? Just to read them and provide me feedback before they’re unleashed onto the world. No prerequisites required. Also, although not mandatory, it is encouraged that members of the squad produce a short Amazon review to help give the book a gentle nudge forward. In exchange for feedback and help, I will list you in the acknowledgment section of the book and provide members of the Squad with a free signed paperback copy of the work.

If you are interested in joining the Squad, send me a message here. The first ten or so people that reach out can join the Squad and become an integral part of my work.


Published by scottatirrell

Scott Austin Tirrell is a lover of the arcane who would choose a good crypt over a coffee shop. He finds solace in history and tales of yore sprinkled with a smidgen of nature's fury, long travel, and the thrill of the paranormal. His stories place ordinary and often flawed individuals in extraordinary situations that stretch beyond this physical plane. The human spirit's strength to reach greatness against incredible odds fascinates him, and thus, he is often a bit cruel with his protagonist. Certificates of study in psychology, history, and international relations gather dust on his wall, but he has found life to be the best stimuli for a good yarn. Scott has published three works currently available- the Island of Stone, a paranormal thriller, the Slaying of the Bull, a historical fiction set in 1241, and the Dawn of the Lightbearer, an epic dark fantasy. He lives with his wife in the Boston area, a place dripping with inspiration for someone who loves tales from the past and a good ghost story.

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